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Friday, July 12: 10 - 4:30 
Saturday, July 13: 10 - 3:00
Sunday, July 14: 10 - 2:00



Welcome to PHC, premier Hatter in Pendleton Oregon of Beaver and Rabbit fur felt hats. Our hats are hand made, right here in Pendleton, prices vary depending on the quality of fur blend and embellishment choices. Your options and possibilities are unlimited. PHC offers professional cleaning and refurbishing for your dirty-tired Ol' hats. We will retain the character of your hat, that has taken miles on the trail to create. Our only advice is, not to try this at home! We stock a full line of new and refurbished hats, hat bands, racks to rest your hats on, blocks to maintain hat size, Travel Cases to protect when your travel'n, and a variety of hat care products.

We will keep your hats looking dapper and fittin' as comfortable as an elk skin glove!

PHC will provide you with comprehensive advise, professional service and support for all your hat needs, no matter who created them. 

Thank ya for your interest and the opportunity of earning your business. We look forward to working with you and building a long term relationship for all of your hat needs.


Perk Perkins

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Pendleton Hat Company

141 South Main Street

Pendleton, Oregon 97801

(360) 739-7289

Wednesday - Saturday: 10:00am-4:30pm.
Sunday - Tuesday: Closed

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